The San Diego night life is incredible.  There is an exotic sexy vibe all through the city at night and it seems as though San Diego really comes alive.  There is a certain addictive feeling flowing through the city and into all the night clubs that is truly exhilarating.

night life 2


Most recently some buddies and I were at a club called Fluxx.  Fluxx is the hottest choice of club right now that you would be most likely to see some A listers at when they are in town.  I, am sadly not an A lister and had to book our visit 4 weeks in advance.  Yep, 4 weeks.  but do you see that picture above, that’s worth a 4 week wait!  Fluxx is a visually amazing spectacle of a building that is as interesting as it is exhilarating.

night life 1


We spent a lot of time out on the patio, it was a beautiful night and they had a whole second sound system set up on the balcony.  As awesome as it the inside was there’s a part of me that like a little more relaxed feel sometimes.  This particular night a DJ Funn was here from out of town and he was really enjoyable.  I know San Diego has some great ones but it’s nice to hear a variety every once in a while and see some different styles that an out of towner might bring to the table.

night life 3


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