The San Diego night life is incredible.  There is an exotic sexy vibe all through the city at night and it seems as though San Diego really comes alive.  There is a certain addictive feeling flowing through the city and into all the night clubs that is truly exhilarating.

night life 2


Most recently some buddies and I were at a club called Fluxx.  Fluxx is the hottest choice of club right now that you would be most likely to see some A listers at when they are in town.  I, am sadly not an A lister and had to book our visit 4 weeks in advance.  Yep, 4 weeks.  but do you see that picture above, that’s worth a 4 week wait!  Fluxx is a visually amazing spectacle of a building that is as interesting as it is exhilarating.

night life 1


We spent a lot of time out on the patio, it was a beautiful night and they had a whole second sound system set up on the balcony.  As awesome as it the inside was there’s a part of me that like a little more relaxed feel sometimes.  This particular night a DJ Funn was here from out of town and he was really enjoyable.  I know San Diego has some great ones but it’s nice to hear a variety every once in a while and see some different styles that an out of towner might bring to the table.

night life 3


I know I get flack for being conservatively minded in such a strong liberal state. Every year Californians get their panties in a wad about another topic or cause and get on their soapbox to fix the world with more rules or restrictions.  They’re only competition in this arena is NYC, its like they try to outdo one another on how hard the state government can make things on their residents.  Slowly stripping away fun stuff and freedoms in the name of a noble cause and Californians like the sheep that they are go right along with it.  The latest case in point being the banning of the Orcas from Sea World.  Are you freaking kidding me!

whales 3whales 4

Look at the photos above, the Orcas, yes they are also called killer whales, are a staple highlight of the entire park.  They are in the gosh dang sign and logo for crying out loud (that landscaping though, am I right?).  I fail to see how this is any different than having lions at the san diego zoo.  Are they next to go, followed by tigers.  There have been just as many if not more recorded incidents between lions and trainers at zoos and circuses than there have been killer whale incidents.  And yes I’m well aware that there have been a few, even to the point of death.   But isn’t there just a small part of you that has to admit that the person signing up to be a trainer/performer along side a killer whale has to be a certain kind of crazy and fully understand the risks.  They do have a little bit of responsibility to that.  We get up every day and get in automobiles or buses or subways or airplanes.  All of which statistically create more accidents and play a role in the death of people far more than the killer whale shows.  Yet we still voluntarily go right in to each of those situations with a care free “it won’t happen to us attitude”.  Is the government going to continue to remove all dangerous situations from our lives until we are all recluses,  what do you do about gravity? I could still fall.  Or natural disasters? Can’t control those.  I know I am being absurd I just have a hard time understanding the line of a state that will legalize a brain inhibiting drug to the entire populous but won’t any longer let kids go see something that most in a lifetime never will.  Look at these gorgeous creatures and tell me that’s not a cool show to see.

whaleswhales 1whales 2whale

I’m not sure I understand it, and maybe I never will, but you must ask yourself in light of things like this, “Where does this stop?”  How far does this control line go, it seems as though the target changes simply changes with the wind, and you sit around being fine with it until it’s something that affects you directly.  I want my kids to be able to see a killer whale show one day, I guess I’m going to have to get to Texas or Florida where the other two Sea World locations are, ironically conservative states, before they are banned on a national level.

A brief breakfast lunch and dinner tour of (maybe not the finest) but at least the most intriguing places in the San Diego area.  Beginning with breakfast  as that’s how most of us would begin our 2What you see above is Peter’s Pillow, from Peter’s Donut Corner.  Appropriately titled as its the only donut with a corner that’s worth mentioning.  This particular delicacy is half way between a donut and a wonderful buttery croissant. These things are so good that if I eat one too many its the difference between walking out and being picked up by a tow truck.  This thing is beyond melt in your mouth delicious, I feel as though I need a towel and a change of pants just looking at it,  oops, i just drooled on my keyboarddddd.d.d.d.d.d……………………


Sorry, i drifted off into a slight coma apparently, i woke up on the floor with a big knot on my head, wet pants, a headache, and a heck of a sweet tooth.   On to the lunch hour.




This is the Crack Shack.  That’s right, you guessed it, they serve Chicken and everything Chicken…. You know,  every meal is related to Chicken in some way, except not in some gimmicky stupid way, but rather in a clever knock your socks off delicious way.  From exceptional fried chicken to rocking sunny side up egg sandwiches to chicken batter french fries, the Crack Shack delivers a unique dining experience that can only be found in the whale’s vagina.


Finally we’ve reached our dinner event.  For dinner whether you are vegan or not (apparently if you live here though, you are) you should drop in to Kindred.



Kindred is a breath of fresh air not only for the vegan community but really to restaurant owners and goers everywhere.  Kindred not only proved that a niche restaurant doesn’t have to fit in to a certain “box” in how its designed and structured, but it blew the box to f’n shreds.  A notoriously vegan restaurant with a not so vegan feel to it.


With an eclectic almost dark them of decoration and the constant tune of metal music roaring over the speakers.  This ain’t yo mama’s vegan shop.  surprisingly the opposite and drawing multitudes of crowds to this odd combination of atmosphere and food, Kindred seems to have done what no other place has been able to do in breaking down particular social barriers.  Kindred continues to impress with their fresh ideas and take on the restaurant industry.



Hi guys, its Steven.  I’d like to take you through my version of a tour through San Diego, which of course is spanish for whale’s vagina.  Poke your head back in for future posts highlighting the less glamorous area of wonderful San Diego.